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Our Designs Sparked a Buzz at the Gathering - WWSPWear

Our new designs garnered plenty of attention from The Gathering attendees, and I believe you'll be just as thrilled with them.

If you did not have a chance to stop by our booth, I'd be delighted to connect with you and learn more about your clothing requirements for the upcoming year.

Here's a link to our simplified garment catalog for your convenience.

2024 Spring Coastal.pdf

2024 Garment Catalog.pdf


We've got an awesome design crew here at Worldwide Sportswear! If you've got a shirt idea in mind, shoot it my way, and our talented designers will whip up a cool design for you. Plus, as a bonus, we'll cover the shipping costs for your first order.

Do you happen to have a bit of free time in the coming week?

Feel free to drop me a line in this email with a date and time that suits you, and we can schedule a quick 15-minute chat. Can't wait to chat with you!

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