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Thriving Through Adversity: Worldwide Sportswear's Pandemic Success Story

For many businesses in the hospitality, travel, and food and beverage industries, the COVID-19 pandemic proved disastrous, causing numerous companies to shut their doors. However, Naresh Manek, president and owner of Worldwide Sportswear, found a lifeline through the Florida Small Business Development Center at the University of Central Florida (FSBDC at UCF) and its CARES Act-funded Business Recovery Team (BRT) program. Based in Port Orange, FL, Worldwide Sportswear specializes in providing screen-printed and embroidered products to the hospitality and tourism sectors, including resorts, restaurants, and state parks. Known for its trendy, high-quality products and exceptional customer service, the company had been flourishing until the pandemic brought operations to a grinding halt.

Strategic Guidance Leads to Business Revival

Facing unprecedented challenges, Manek was already in discussions with the FSBDC at UCF to join their Advisory Board Council (ABC) program when the shutdown hit. Recognizing the urgency, the FSBDC shifted its focus and enrolled Manek in the BRT program. The BRT assembled a team of expert consultants, custom-fit to Worldwide Sportswear's needs, offering strategic business planning and financial guidance. This team, led by FSBDC consultant Jose Molfino, was instrumental in helping the company reduce costs, implement a CRM system, and launch effective digital marketing campaigns. As a result, Worldwide Sportswear has seen significant improvement, with business up by 100% or more compared to the pandemic's worst periods. Manek credits the FSBDC and its BRT program with positioning his company for a brighter, thriving future. Read the full story to learn how strategic guidance and resilient leadership can turn a business crisis into a comeback success.

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