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Working with Employees, Boosting Sales
Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 10:30AM

When it comes to boosting sales in your resort gift shop, you may want to tap into one of your greatest resources—your employees—to help you accomplish more. With a firsthand understanding of what sells, what doesn’t and what customers think, your employees can give you valuable insights into what strategies you should be implementing in your shop.

Below, we are looking at five ways you can work with your employees to help boost sales.

Find passionate people

As an employer, the very first step in establishing an effective team of employees is, of course, finding the right people for the job. These people should be passionate about what they do, display clear communication skills and show a willingness to learn more—whether that means learning your way of doing things, learning how to use new systems, or learning what the customer wants. A good attitude and an open mind can go far in this business, so find employees who embody these qualities. It will make your job much easier later on!

Ask for input

Even if you’re the boss, you can still benefit greatly from your employees’ input. Make it a point to regularly ask your employees how they’ve observed a particular item selling, how they like their position, and even if they have any specific recommendations for boosting sales. Doing so allows you to gain valuable information and insights, and allows your employees to feel valued and respected as they should be.

Invest in training

The proper training can make all the difference for employees both new and old. If you’re taking on a new team, invest in a training program that focuses on the specifics of your industry and your needs. You can also use training as a way to correct bad habits or misunderstandings among employees. No matter what your needs may be, a group training session can easily clear it all up and make for a more successful team.

It’s also worth noting that employees need regular, smaller scale training sessions to learn about new products so they can best market and sell items. The best employee is able to answer a child or parent’s questions about a specific toy or other gift with ease.

Respond to concerns

Just as you should listen to your employees for their positive input, you should accept their concerns and criticisms as well. Remember, your employees can see and observe things from their position in the front of the store that you just can’t—so hear them out and take their concerns seriously!

Create a positive work environment

An open, positive work environment can lead to employees who are happy to do their job and do it well. Take pride in your workplace environment and strive to make it as positive and welcoming as possible.

A good team of employees is one of the most powerful tools you have access to as a shop owner—so be sure to use yours to your advantage!


Working with Employees, Boosting Sales

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