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The 5 Keys to Your Perfect Corporate T-Shirt
Sun, Aug 21, 2016 at 5:45PM

The 5 Keys to Your Perfect Corporate T-Shirt

Whether you’re a restaurateur or own your own construction company, the perfect company t-shirt can top off your team’s look—but not just any shirt makes the cut!

In today’s blog, we will be discussing the five keys to perfecting your corporate t-shirt.


Your corporate t-shirt may look casual, but that doesn’t mean it should be designed without careful thought or planning. Take measures to ensure that your t-shirt allows for key information (like your company’s name) to be read easily when the shirt is being worn. You’ll thank yourself later!


A corporate tee allows plenty of room for fun, character and creativity. You can design your shirt to include a fun cartoon of your company mascot, for example, or even a catchy joke or slogan your customers have come to know and love. These features will distinguish your corporate t-shirt from similar stores or businesses.

A distinctive touch

What makes your t-shirt stand out from a standard solid tee? Include company colors that can be identified even in busy surroundings, like a construction site or crowded restaurant, so that your customers or clients can always find you when they need you.


Since your employees will be wearing these t-shirts throughout the day—and often through sticky, messy situations—you’ll want to ensure that they are as comfortable and wearable as possible. This can be done in the design process, where you can select specific materials and fabric features that lend themselves to easy, comfy wear.


Finally, don’t forget about functionality! While a t-shirt works well in a wide variety of situations, it’s always worth considering the duties of your employees when thinking about their uniforms—since outdoor employees may need especially stain resistant clothing, for example, and clothes that wick away moisture with ease.

We hope that today’s blog has given you an idea of how to achieve corporate gear that looks good and promotes your company’s image at the same time. 

At Worldwide Sportswear, we’re equipped with the tools and expertise to deliver high-quality corporate tees, accessories and more. Let us know how we can help outfit your team today!

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