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Smart Displays for Your Resort Gift Shop
Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 10:30AM

If you run a resort gift shop, you know that displays can make or break the success of a product—but you may not know how to best create, design or execute these displays. 

We want to help you achieve the best possible outcome for the products and displays in your resort gift shop. Take a look below to see our best ideas for smart display strategies.

Window displays

In most resort gift shops, your store’s window is the first thing potential customers will see before entering. Make that first impression a good one! Be sure to capture their attention and entice their senses by using creative displays. Use plenty of visuals—from colorful décor to the products themselves—to create an image of what customers should expect from the products in your store. 

You can swap out elements of your window displays to make them match the season or sale you have going on. Keep window displays attractive and not too cluttered—you want customers to see your store and products, not be overwhelmed by clunky signage and shelving. Find a balance that works for you and your store.

Product demonstration

Some products will require a bit of demonstration in order to sell and get their use across to potential customers—this is often the case with unique toys and gadgets that shoppers are not yet familiar with. Create effective demonstration displays by identifying what needs to be explained and doing so in a clear, visually appealing way. You might decide to use video in tandem with your product display (or even use a live demonstration) to do this.

Themed ideas

Themed display ideas are always smart because they can tie together the rest of your store. You can have several different product displays up in your store that still mesh well together because they operate with a similar theme—whether that be the holidays, a special sale, or something else altogether. Using a coordinating theme can prevent your store from looking like a jumbled collection of products, instead helping it to appear neat and tidy.Flexibility in

Flexibility in design

Of course, most good display designs are also flexible—in other words, they can be reused or reworked to promote new products later on, should you need to do so. Instead of investing in grandiose, store-altering displays, choose to stick with materials and designs that can be reimagined and repurposed down the line. In this case, purchasing staple display pieces (shelves, tables and other items) that you plan to use for years to come can be an advantageous move.

We hope that these ideas inspire you to design and execute original, effective displays in your resort gift shop. Stay with us as we explore more strategies for retail success in 2016.


Smart Displays for Your Resort Gift Shop

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