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Recognizing Tourist Appreciation Day
Fri, May 13, 2016 at 3:50PM

As we head into the summer months, there’s a minor holiday—Tourist Appreciation Day—that we think deserves major recognition! On May 6th, gift shop owners and resort operators should take some time to reflect on and appreciate the value of tourists to us, our businesses and our communities.

In today’s blog, we will be looking at a few of the biggest benefits tourists bring to communities—as well as a few ways you can show your appreciation.

Tourists can…

  • Help create jobs. The job-creating potential of tourists is, of course, one of their biggest benefits to the community. They can create jobs and markets in places that, without their own set of resources, might not have a thriving economy.
  • Keep spending close to home. The influx of tourists every year ensures that our communities are receiving a constant stream of spending at peak times of the year. The success of a resort, then, impacts the success of restaurants and shops that guests might go to during their stay. When tourists come to town, they eat, shop, sleep and explore many different parts of the area—and that’s good for the community.
  • Create more beautiful communities. Special effort is taken to keep “touristy” spots clean, welcoming and at their best. As the people who live and work in these areas, we get to enjoy these perks, too.

You can show your appreciation by…

  • Hosting a special in-store event. Who wouldn’t want to feel especially appreciated while on vacation? Surprise your guests with a special in-store event to celebrate Tourist Appreciation Day—they’ll appreciate the gesture, no matter the size, and it will resonate in their minds the next time they’re in town.
  • Wishing your customers well. A simple message is often all it takes to show your appreciation for your customers. Wish them well on your social media platforms to show that they’re an appreciated, integral part of your business.
  • Maintaining your dedication to providing one-of-a-kind experiences. Of course, you should be offering your guests spectacular customer service and special experiences every day of the year… but on Tourist Appreciation Day, it doesn’t hurt to reflect on your skills and improve your customer interactions. This might be a good time to think about retraining employees, if need be, or refocusing your customer policy.

While locals may bemoan the arrival of tourists for the summer season, we know that tourists of every type—from snowbirds to summer vacationers—are worth celebrating.

Recognizing Tourist Appreciation Day

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