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Recognize Team Member Loyalty with Custom Gifts
Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 9:18AM

Recognize Team Member Loyalty with Custom Gifts

Some employees always seem to go above and beyond every day to do right by clients/customers and ensure the good name of the company remains intact. As a dynamic business leader, it makes sense that you’d want to reward that type of loyalty and commitment. However, not everyone appreciates random knick-knacks and flimsy items for which they have no use. Now, you can recognize high achievers and market your organization at the same time.

The fact is that today’s team members have seen all of the go-to gifts before. While pens, USB drives, ink stamps, printed pads, gift cards, and the like are generous offerings, there are ways you can go one step further to really say ‘thanks.’ Use these tips to get started.

Custom Apparel

Perhaps you allow employees to take “casual Fridays” or another similar break where they can relax and unwind while still at work. Offering branded t-shirts and polo shirts is a great way to build morale and promote your brand at the same time.

You could also feature custom embroidery on jackets and fleece, active wear, woven shirts, and more. Accessory options include blankets, towels, aprons, scarves, stadium seating, and similar.


No matter where you live in the country, some days are so bright and sunny you just wish you had a nice hat, cap, or visor to shield your eyes. Other times, you’ll be hosting a corporate outing and you want everyone who may encounter the gathering to know about your company. Now you can achieve all of those goals with custom headwear.

Choose from a baseball cap style, wide brim, visors, beanies, safety gear, and similar. This way, employees have something stylish to wear, and can also raise awareness and publicity for the corporate mission.


Or you could go one step further and gift unique and interesting bags where team members can carry all of their necessary belongings to wherever travels might lead them. Coupled with paid time off (PTO), you could strike a winning double-whammy of employee appreciation.

Bag options range from briefcases, to backpacks, travel bags, duffel bags, golf caddies, totes, specialty bags, and more. Plus, when you embroider your company name, logo, and/or tagline onto the gift, everyone who encounters your team member will have an opportunity to learn more about your organization. 

Other Useful Items

Along with the mentioned items, you could also screen print or embroider clothing and accessory items for both men and women, plus youth and infants. That way, the whole family can get in on demonstrating their loyalty to and respect for the company.

Since 1978, we’ve been proud to supply custom screen printing and embroidery options to businesses nationwide. That includes resort and hotel wear, gift shop apparel, corporate wear, and more. Browse our website to see our full catalog. Then, contact us today to recognize your outstanding employees with a custom gift they’ll treasure for years.

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