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Quality and Customization: Why Screen Printing Works
Thu, Jun 23, 2016 at 5:50PM

Quality and Customization: Why Screen Printing Works

When it comes to custom designs for your t-shirts, hats and more, few options are as versatile or high-quality as screen printing. This popular process yields products that reflect the style and vision of your business, making it a top choice for business owners of every type.

Below, we’re looking at just a few reasons why screen printing works so well.

Screen printing produces durable results

One of our favorite parts of the screen printing process is the durability of the designs it creates. Unlike other design methods, screen printing involves applying ink so that it adheres more strongly to the fabric—in other words, the design will maintain its quality and vibrancy even after many washes and wears.

Designs can be expanded without compromising style

Another positive aspect of screen printing is the ability to expand a design based on your needs, without ever compromising its quality. For example, this design process allows you to use the same image or design as a logo and as a larger look on the back of a t-shirt, for example. The same doesn’t hold true for many other design methods.

Quantity does not mean a decrease in quality

Just because we screen print many items at a time, that doesn’t mean a decrease in the quality of the items produced. This method allows us to replicate the same design on many different shirts, hats, and other pieces—however, it never sacrifices color or accuracy in the process.

It works for a variety of products…

When you elect to screen print with us, you’re not restricted to t-shirts alone! In fact, many items—from hats to tote bags and other popular pics—can be printed on in the same way.

…and takes less time than you think

You may be thinking that a custom printing job would take an especially long time—but fortunately, this is not the case. We guarantee that your project will take three weeks or less, giving you plenty of time to design your garments and prepare to sell them, too.

As you can see, screen printing is a popular process for a reason—it produces items you and your customers will love! Let us know how we can help you find and design the perfect screen printed products for your business.

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