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Know Your Apparel: Timeless Items for Every Shop
Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 10:15AM

A successful resort gift shop always strives to branch out and distinguish itself—while still carrying the items and attractions its customer base loves. Below, we will be looking at several timeless items no resort gift shop should be without… and how you can incorporate them into your current shop if you haven’t already.

Commemorative tees

Every traveler wants to bring home a piece of their adventure, and a soft commemorative tee is simply one of the best ways to do it. T-shirts are such a big staple for resort gift shops because they can be easily designed, ordered and replicated (or altered) as your needs may change throughout the year. And of course, as you’ve probably already observed, t-shirts are instant sellers—they attract buyers’ attention in virtually every season and every type of shop!

Comfy fleeces

Comfy fleece hoodies and sweatshirts are like t-shirts… but just a little bit cozier! While these items do great in the cooler winter months, don’t rule them out for the spring and summer seasons—they can do just as well as comfy, novelty pieces your customers will want to bring home or get warm in after a long day in the water.


Does your gift shop attract its share of golfers? If so, polos are essential pieces to have on hand! While these comfy, crisp-cut pieces are popular among many shoppers, they do especially well (as you might expect) among those who love to head to the golf course in their spare time.

Hats and caps

Who couldn’t use a cool, comfy hat while on vacation? Whether your customers need a way to protect themselves from the hot Florida sun, or simply want a handy, wearable souvenir to bring home with them, hats are always a smart staple to keep on hand in any resort gift shop.

Tote bags

Tote bags and similarly fashionable accessories are perfect for on-the-go travelers who want an easy—but still visually appealing—way to lug around all their gear and new souvenirs. These types of items can be easily printed with your company’s logo or artwork, and are perfect as inexpensive additions to your shop.


For customers who want to instill a resort-style atmosphere in their home, pieces for the home—from cookware to aprons to everything in between—can be especially handy to keep in stock. 

Miscellaneous essentials

Finally, keep in mind the miscellaneous essentials that are worth keeping in stock for your customers—while they may not be printed or customized, they’re still just as beneficial for your business! Think about sunscreen, sunglasses, mist fans and other similar vacation items. Keep these staples in a central location in your store—such as the front desk—so your guests always know where to go when they’re in a pinch.

Are you ready to stock up? Give us a call! These items are year round favorites that would serve as fantastic additions to any resort gift shop. 


Know Your Apparel: Timeless Items for Every Shop

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