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How to Keep Up with Apparel Trends
Thu, Nov 26, 2015 at 10:45AM

Do you often feel like you’re the “last to know” when trying to keep up with the latest apparel trends? Knowing what’s current and what’s coming next can give you a big edge in your industry. Today, we will be looking at four ways to keep up with apparel trends in today’s fast-paced fashion environment.

Be observant

For anyone who’s trying to keep tabs on current and new apparel trends, being observant is the number one tip. It works so well because it’s free, easy to do, and works for whatever needs you may have (whether you’re looking for personal fashion styles or trying to outfit your company). Pay attention to all the styles out there for inspiration—you never know when you’ll find something that “clicks”—but especially to the style choices of the people you wish to emulate, whether they be industry employees, working professionals, etc. Being observant of others’ fashion choices can help you understand the current apparel “climate” a little better… so always be on the lookout for trends, whether you’re at the coffee shop or in the office. 

Take advantage of online resources

In today’s day and age, we can use online resources for just about everything… and keeping up with the latest apparel trends is no different. There’s a virtually endless amount of blogs, videos, newsletters and other content that can help you stay in the know—in addition to basic online news outlets—and they are being updated constantly. For this reason, it’s a great tip to not only utilize these resources (by buying or subscribing to them), but to also set aside quality time to go through them. There’s a lot of valuable information to be taken in, so don’t underestimate the power of these tools. They may be accessible to the public, but it takes a trained and dedicated eye to use these resources to their full capacity!

Attend networking or trade events

No matter who you are, there is likely a networking or trade event you can attend that will give you a huge source of apparel inspiration. These events aren’t just good for you or your business—they can be beneficial by cluing you in to new fashion trends and styles you may not find just anywhere. Remember—if you’re trying to keep up with the latest apparel trends, any large gathering of people in your field or group is worth attending.

Invest in timeless pieces

Finally, if you’re constantly trying to keep up with the latest apparel trends, you may want to take a moment to reassess what positive pieces you already have. While the industry is constantly changing, there are some timeless pieces that won’t ever go out of style… whether that’s because of their functionality or classic look. These types of pieces—which are often well-made, neutral and versatile—are worth investing in, since they will match seamlessly with any new trend that comes your way.

We know that apparel trends are constantly in flux—but we hope that these tips can help you keep track of them and use them to your advantage!


How to Keep Up with Apparel Trends

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