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How to Choose the Right Gift Shop Suppliers for Your Business
Tue, Dec 03, 2019 at 12:57PM

How to Choose the Right Gift Shop Suppliers for Your Business

You run a gift shop because you can provide your customers with something special—a memento of their vacation, a comfortable keepsake, a unique slice of life in their chosen destination.

You owe it to shop to partner with a supplier who recognizes that “something special,” and serves it with quality products that wow your audience!

Choosing the right gift shop supplier for custom apparel can make all the difference to the success and longevity of your gift shop. Read on to see five simple questions to ask your potential gift shop supplier to make a great choice.

What type of technology do you use to print your designs?

When it comes to choosing the right gift shop supplier, your first questions will naturally revolve around the product itself: Is it high-quality? Will the design last? Will it attract new and returning customers and help my gift shop stand out from the rest?

All of these questions revolve around the technology that is used to create the design. The right behind-the-scenes process will result in a higher-quality product. At Worldwide Sportswear, for example, we exclusively use direct-to-garment screen printing. Unlike traditional screen printing, the direct-to-garment approach uses an actual printer to transfer a design directly onto a shirt, hoodie or other garment, as opposed to applying colors via stencils as is the case with the traditional screen printing method. As a result, you can utilize more vivid, detailed color designs in your product. Plus, direct-to-garment screen printing helps you achieve the best possible wear time for your product—so your customers will be sporting your designs for years to come! If you want products that catch the eye, this technology is ideal. In terms of total capacity, we operate 100 embroidery heads and multiple automatic screen print machines—so whether you’re opting for embroidery or direct-to-garment screen printing, you can be sure we have the tools to make it happen.

What kinds of apparel do you offer?

Whether you’re a new gift shop looking to stock up on essential inventory, or simply want to expand your current product offerings, you’re probably wondering about more than traditional t-shirts. Today’s modern gift shop will often need to feature accessories like hoodies and tote bags too, as well as embroidered goods like hats and towels, too, to be competitive, so asking your potential gift shop supplier about product range is essential. At Worldwide Sportswear, we offer a wide selection of garments so that you can always supply your shop with the best possible variety!

Which industries do you serve?

Be sure to ask your potential gift shop supplier about the range of industries they have served. This will help give you an idea of whether or not your potential supplier is able to understand, on a first-hand level, your unique needs and the nature of your business. We here at Worldwide Sportswear deliver high-quality products to everyone from gift shop owners, to restaurateurs to corporate leaders looking to outfit their team in lasting, eye-catching designs.

Gift shops, and the tourism industry as a whole, are constantly changing! This is why it helps to work with a gift shop supplier who knows what sets your needs and preferences apart from other industries.

What is your average turnaround time?

Just like all types of fashion, tourism apparel is constantly changing. The need to keep up with the trends is especially important for gift shops—because unlike a traditional clothing store in the mall, you have to make an impression on your potential customers over the course of the day or week that they are in town! It pays to work with a gift shop supplier who produces custom apparel in as short a time as possible. Here at Worldwide Sportswear, we deliver within 7 to 10 working days, giving you the opportunity to discover new design ideas and start selling them before the season is even over.  

How long have you been in this business?

Another key area to ask about is your potential gift shop supplier’s experience—and while our turnaround time is short, our time in the industry is not. We have been producing custom apparel for businesses like yours since 1978, and have been at the forefront of new technologies and best practices without ever changing what drives our business: our commitment to customer service.  We want your business to succeed, and will work with you at every step of the order process to ensure exactly that.

Plus, from our 10,000 sq. foot in Port Orange, Florida, we’ve been able to develop a unique familiarity with the tourism industry and gift shops’ needs—after all, we’re located minutes away from the World’s Most Famous Beach!

We hope that these tips help you choose the right gift shop supplier for your business. At Worldwide Sportswear, we look forward to the opportunity to help your gift shop stand out from the rest! Browse our services and call us today at 1-888-601-0201 to learn more and make an informed decision.

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