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Florida Resort Gift Shop Apparel: Why It Works
Mon, Feb 01, 2016 at 12:50PM

Have you recently opened up a resort gift shop here in Florida? Congratulations! You could not have picked a better place to develop your brand… and sell to one of the world’s most active tourist populations.

If you are still looking for custom merchandise to offer your customers, we can help. Our screen printed and embroidered t-shirts and apparel are the perfect addition to any successful gift shop. We’re looking at how custom apparel can improve your sales and overall brand below.

Custom apparel provides your customers with…

A piece of their vacation

First and foremost, resort gift shops flourish because customers—tourists on vacation—want a piece of their vacation to bring home with them. This, of course, can be anything from seashells to postcards to glass figurines. However, in recent years there has been a rise in popularity of wearable souvenirs in the forms of t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, hats and much more. You can count on printed apparel to always be “in season” in your Florida gift shop.

Something to remember your store by

Custom t-shirts and apparel offer something unique to customers: a chance to commemorate your resort in particular. While they can pick up generic souvenir tees just about anywhere they venture on vacation, custom printed apparel presents a competitive edge, a look that stands out from the rest.

Utility wear

Apparel in your store should, of course, be functional. Custom items that operate based on this knowledge can see great success in your store, so never forget to stock plenty of sweaters in winter and warm weather wear in the summer—you will be able to outfit every tourist who’s forgotten to pack a specific piece of gear.And of course, there’s one more big benefit of custom apparel for you, the storeowner…

Inexpensive impressions

There are few better (and less expensive) ways to get your resort gift shop’s brand across to customers than with custom apparel. For a small price, you can buy and sell custom gear that your customers will love. Timeless pieces like t-shirts can be sold throughout the year, and they

Timeless pieces like t-shirts can be sold throughout the year, and they are staple pieces your store should never be without—of course, when it comes to special events and holidays, you can pick out unique designs that reflect the occasion. When your customers head home after their vacation, they will still be representing your store in a very meaningful way.

Can we help you find the custom tees and apparel you’re looking for? Make an impression, and give us a call today!


Florida Resort Gift Shop Apparel: Why It Works

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