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Florida Gift Shops: Picking the Perfect Location
Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 10:10AM

Florida Gift Shops: Picking the Perfect Location

If you’re relocating, expanding or starting your shop from the ground up, you likely already know the importance of a good location. Being in the right place can make all the difference when it comes to your business success and presence in the community—so be sure to find one that works!

Below are a few tips for scoping out that perfect location.

Go where your target customers go

When it comes to opening and operating a gift shop, it helps—in a big way—to be centrally located by your target customers. In most cases, these will be tourists on vacation looking for that special shop to cool down in and find something one-of-a-kind to bring home. Whether you hope to target beachgoers or an artsier crowd, find where your customers go for fun and see how you can open near them. While no single move is a recipe for success, starting out at a spot your customers already frequent surely helps!

Open near popular attractions

The success of nearby attractions can help to bolster your own. While you may not want to open up down the street of a similar gift shop, opening near flourishing spots like the beach, a popular shopping plaza, a favorite museum or other attractions is often a safe bet. You can guarantee that these spots will do well—and you can take advantage of that fact by serving attraction goers in a new way.

Search for flexibility

A good location is often a flexible one, too. Is a potential building sandwiched between offices, or is it located on a corner lot with room for growth? While there’s no right or wrong position, some are certainly more ideal than others. Consider flexibility and potential for the future when selecting a gift shop location.

Find an easily accessible spot

No matter where your potential shop may be, it must be accessible to customers—or they’ll never be able to find it! Spots that are on main walking paths or have welcoming, wide open parking lots are natural picks.

Choose character

Finally, look for spots that have character in one way or another. While you can often update and improve the physical interior of a space, the location and exterior are a bit harder to alter. You might pick a spot because it’s located in a popular historic district, or because it matches the look and feel of your shop perfectly—no matter the specifics, the right location with indescribable charm is hard to beat.

Finding the right place to open is a process in itself—but once you’re settled in, it’s time to stock up and get started! Reach out to us when you’re ready with help finding and designing those perfect gift shop must-haves your customers will love, no matter where you are!

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