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Designing Surf Shop Apparel That Wows
Mon, Dec 23, 2019 at 11:11AM

Designing Surf Shop Apparel That Wows

Your surf shop gives locals and visitors alike a place to gather, grab outdoor essentials and find beachwear and tees they love—so be sure to supply them with quality they can count on! Read on as we share a few simple tips for designing surf shop apparel that wows your audience.

The right apparel should be…


As is the case with any piece of clothing, a good piece needs to draw your ideal audience’s eye. This is especially important for surf shops, since you face the task of attracting beachgoers in town just for a day or weekend, as well as local surfers with whom you want to build lasting relationships. Think about popular colors, local touches unique to your area, and whimsical designs—the great thing about designing surf shop apparel is that, in many cases, you don’t need to try to be too formal! Casual, laidback looks with fun designs go a long way.


Every surf shop goes through on- and off-seasons, and you want to design apparel options that last through them both—and beyond! Opt for memorable designs that are unique to your specific shop, so that locals and visitors alike can proudly sport your surfwear on and off the beach.

Built to last

Of course, for a piece of surf shop apparel to be memorable, it has to be long-lasting! This is where the quality of your garment, and the way it’s made, comes in. For example, for graphic designs here at Worldwide Sportswear, we exclusively use direct-to-garment screen printing. Designs made using this process last longer than traditional screen-printed items, and are built to “wow” in spectacular, colorful, durable displays for a long time. This helps you build a relationship of trust between you and your customers, who—whether they are local surfers or annual guests—will come to associate your brand with a truly quality product.


Running a surf shop gives you the unique opportunity to observe life on the beach—including, of course, which trends are most popular and which ones never really seem to go away! Thanks to Worldwide Sportswear’s fast turnaround time, you can feel free to try new looks without much risk. Opt for something new every season and see what trends your audience responds best to.


Affordable, high-quality garments can make all the difference to your surf shop and its bottom line. This is why it’s helpful to partner with a boutique vendor like Worldwide Sportswear, where premium quality is delivered at prices you can feel good about—with helpful customer service at every step of the way.

We hope that today’s guide helps you achieve the surf shop apparel you’ve been looking for! By taking the custom route with Worldwide Sportswear, you can ensure that your shop stands out from the rest in a positive way. Browse our services and call us today at 1-888-601-0201 to learn more!

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