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Designing Memorable Tourist Apparel for Your Guests
Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 11:05AM

Designing Memorable Tourist Apparel for Your Guests

When designing tourist apparel for your resort guests, you want to create a custom look that serves your audience long after they head back home. Just read on as we share a few top tips on how to achieve a look that lasts.

Give guests a sense of home through quality, comfortable resort apparel

To help make your resort feel like your guests’ home away from home, opt for comfortable, durable pieces that meet their needs when they are on vacation—and when they head back home, too! At Worldwide Sportswear, our pieces are designed to look as good as they feel, so you can always count on a quality product for your treasured guests.

Opt for functional, must-have pieces

Let your guests sport your resort in a wide variety of ways! T-shirts are a great way to go, but did you know that Worldwide Sportswear can also supply custom hoodies, towels, aprons, bags, sweats and many other options?

Design pieces that are as unique as your resort

From your beautiful rooms and unique views, to lux amenities and quality customer service, you strive to help your resort stand out in every way—and quality tourist apparel provides another way to do exactly that. Opt for unique color combinations that match the look and feel of your resort, as well as artistic designs that reflect your identity. Whether that’s beachy and laidback, or modern and abstract, we can help bring your artistic vision to life.

Use trendy, popular colors and styles

Fashions change over time, so don’t feel the need to repeat the same t-shirt or hat design that was successful five years ago! Opt for fresh color combinations and styles inspired by the tourist apparel you see every day. Worldwide Sportswear’s quick turnaround time on all products means that you can try new styles out as soon as you want.

Partner with a resort clothing manufacturer that cares

Above all, the key to designing memorable tourist apparel for your guests is to partner with a resort clothing manufacturer that knows your business inside and out, and cares about helping you achieve success! At Worldwide Sportswear, we’ve been serving shops like yours for more than 40 years, and know how to achieve designs and high-quality pieces (made with direct-to-garment screen printing for added durability) so that your shop and resort stand out from the rest. We know that it’s your resort’s name on the t-shirts, hats and other items we produce, and work hard to ensure that it is represented well long after your guests head home from their holiday.

Now that you’re equipped with these tourist apparel tips, put them to use with new, exciting designs for your resort shop! We’re here to help. Just browse our services and call us today at 1-888-601-0201 to learn more.

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