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Central Florida Corporate Apparel: More Than Just a Uniform
Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 5:30PM

Central Florida Corporate Apparel: More Than Just a Uniform

When it comes time to outfit your corporate team in a neat, cohesive uniform, we know that there are many factors to consider. In today’s blog, we’re looking at a few key items that will bring your corporate uniforms to the next level.

Specialty styles and fabrics

Does your workplace uniform require something more than the traditional suit and tie? That’s okay—we’ve got the specialty styles and fabrics needed to let your employees and your business thrive.

We understand that every business requires something special from its uniform, whether it be comfort, stain resistance, or something more. We offer these options and more, in the form of styles such as…

  • Scrubs: Scrubs are practically clothing choices in a wide variety of fields—most notably among doctors and nurses, but also for veterinarians and other occupations. They’re known for their simplicity, comfort and practical nature.
  • Stain/soil resistant work clothes: For jobs that can get messy, there’s a need for clothing that can stand up to the job. We can supply you with special stain and soil-resistant clothing that will help make your daily workload a little easier.
  • Safety gear: Clothing can serve as a safety tool, too. For jobs where safety and visibility are of utmost importance, you can count on gear such as bright, reflective vests and jackets to keep you and your employees safe and secure while on the job.

Helpful accessories

There’s more to a uniform than the clothes you wear. We understand that, and have a large supply of helpful, functional accessories to help you and your employees get the job done easily. These include…

  • Utility bags: The right bag can improve workplace performance—and fortunately, we’ve got a large variety on hand ready to make that happen. Whether you need drawstring cinch bags for corporate events, or laptop bags that will let your employees work on the go, we’ve got you covered.
  • Outerwear: The things you put over your uniform—to keep it clean or to keep you warm and dry—are just as important as the uniform itself. We can supply you with heavy-duty jackets, aprons and other outerwear pieces you need.

Could you use any of these items with your own corporate team? Let us know, and we’ll be happy to get you started with the gear and accessories you need to accomplish a cohesive, functional look.

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