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Being Part of the Community
Fri, Mar 04, 2016 at 11:05AM

No matter what type of business owner you are, you know the importance of building a presence in your community. As a gift shop owner, the bulk of your customers may be from out of the area—but there are still plenty of ways for you to establish that presence, get involved, and build loyal customers.

In today’s blog, we will be examining a few key ways you can integrate your gift shop into the community as a whole.

Give to causes you care about

Giving to charitable causes is an action that can produce positive changes in more than one area. First and most importantly, giving to charity helps those causes that you care most about—so it’s something you can feel good about. Giving doesn’t necessarily mean donating funds, however—while this can be hugely beneficial, donating your time or services can be just as meaningful.

When you give to charity, you also establish your business as a socially conscious one that’s focused on serving the community in more ways than one. Your customers will respond to that, even if they’re only in town for one weekend a year.

Run your own special events…

Everybody likes a special event, and planning one can keep your business at the forefront of visitors’ and community members’ minds. Find a fundraiser or special social event you can host from inside your store that will bring people together to support the community—it will be a fun night for all, and you will be able to promote your business in an authentic way.

…and participate in a few, too

Never underestimate the impact that your involvement in community events (such as charity runs, fairs, etc.) can have on your business. These events are relatively easy to participate in—since you’re not doing the planning yourself, you can focus on interacting with participants and showcasing the merits of your shop.

Improve your surroundings

As the owner of a resort gift shop, the state and success of your surroundings can have a huge impact on how well your business does. For this reason, it’s especially smart for gift shop owners to work on bettering their local community in any way they can. Participate in beach cleanups, paint buildings, pick up trash—whatever you can do improve the space in which you live and work.

Tie in your shop with the local community

Finally, to truly establish your business as a part of the community, be sure to differentiate it from other similar shops in or out of the area. Your shop shouldn’t offer the same experience that one 50 miles up the coast does—focus on highlighting your community roots through the décor of your business or the items you offer.

As you can see, many of these endeavors aren’t just good for business… they can actively help and improve your community. We hope that these ideas help your business reach new heights in 2016.

Being Part of the Community

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