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Back to Basics with Quality Blank Merchandise
Thu, Jun 09, 2016 at 2:45PM

Back to Basics with Quality Blank Merchandise

You might already know how we here at Worldwide Sportswear can help you design custom, innovative looks for your retail or corporate needs—but did you know that our blank merchandise is just as top-notch?
Our gear might be just what your business needs in terms of simple, must-have apparel. We can provide you items such as…


Take a look around any beach, boardwalk, coastal restaurant or souvenir shop this summer—you will be sure to spot lots of people wearing hats! This piece of apparel is an obvious choice for your store inventory, but it’s also a great option for businesses looking to improve their uniforms, teams or clubs who want to unify their image, and more. Our blank hats serve a wide variety of purposes, making them worthy additions to any business.


A zippered hoodie is a comfy, cozy piece that your customers and employees will love. It works on several functional levels—as an easy way to get warm after a long day in the water, for example, or as a standardized addition to your business uniforms. They can be customized down the line or simply serve as basic, timeless gear you’ll enjoy having now and several months from now.

Beach blankets

Beach blankets are a staple of every linen closet and resort gift shop in Florida—and for good reason! You can be sure that a supply of our blank beach blankets will do you and your business well during the summer months and throughout the year. While you may choose to customize some of your store’s beach blankets, it’s never a bad idea to have a number of blank, standard blankets in stock as well. Your customers will appreciate having easy access to this functional accessory all year long—and always having a set of basic, blank towels on hand will make orders and restocking as simple as possible.

As you can see, our blank merchandise is worth keeping on hand—whether it be for gift shop inventory or employee uniforms. Let us know how we can get you started with the blank merchandise you need!

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