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7 Ways to Evaluate the Quality of Your New Merchandise
Sat, Jan 02, 2016 at 8:25AM

For small retailers, evaluating the quality of new merchandise is a must—but it’s not always easy to do! Many factors go into deciding whether a specific product is high in quality and, thus, worth repurchasing. Fortunately, we’ve come up with seven tips to help you evaluate the quality of merchandise in your store. They are as follows:

Personal experience

If you’ve been in the business for a while, then you likely already know and follow one of the best indicators of quality—your personal experience! You know what types of items are hits and which are misses, so you should apply this insight to decisions you make on quality.


The material of a shirt, hat or other item you buy is a big part of its quality. Learn to feel the merchandise as you evaluate its quality (or lack thereof). Is the clothing soft and comfortable while still being durable—that is, it won’t easily rip or fall apart? Quality materials are also a big determinant in whether or not customers will even want to purchase an item. Will customers like the feel of the item and decide to bring it home, or be disappointed when they touch it and decide against it? Ask the same questions for other types of items in your store as well.

Customer response

Use your customers’ response to decide whether an item is a quality buy and worth repurchasing, or not. You can do this in a variety of ways, but don’t forget the usefulness of methods like customer surveys to gauge their response! With social media and other online tools, it has never been easier to know how your customers feel about a specific item.


A quality item at a great price is worth repurchasing. Every retailer should have an idea of what’s a fair price for a quality item, and what’s just too much.


A quality item fulfills some need of the customer—whether it be a need for practical items, souvenirs, luxury pieces… whatever it may be. As a retailer, you should strive to always know what your customers need so that you can stock your shop with quality items that match those needs. This can vary depending on your type of store, location and other factors.

The sellable factor

When it comes to retail, the best products are those that don’t need much help to be sold. These items—whether they are souvenir favorites or always-practical accessories—can be virtually guaranteed to make their way out your door, no matter when or how you sell them.

We hope that these tips can help you make smart decisions when it comes to evaluating the quality of your merchandise, so that you and your store can enjoy a more successful 2016!

7 Ways to Evaluate the Quality of Your New Merchandise

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