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7 Tips for Engaging Merchandise Displays in Your Store
Mon, Dec 23, 2019 at 11:11AM

7 Tips for Engaging Merchandise Displays in Your Store

Engaging merchandise displays help you connect with customers on a new level, making your store stand out and your tourist apparel that much easier to sell. Read on to see our top tips for crafting engaging displays in your surf shop or resort gift store today!

Start with quality tourist apparel

Before you design an engaging merchandise display, you have to start with the right product! When you have this foundation, you’ll notice that your apparel’s designs start to speak for themselves.

This is where Worldwide Sportswear comes in. Our quality tourist apparel is made with direct-to-garment screen printing, the best process for ensuring vibrant, true-to-life displays of color that last long beyond your customers’ vacation or visit to the beach.

Help customers see your products in a new light… literally

Next, it’s time to consider the physical setup of your merchandise display. You want to ensure that your customers can easily see your product, so opt for great showcase lighting to highlight the true color and quality of your tourist apparel.

Make t-shirts and other tourist apparel easily accessible

Whether it’s a convenient rack or neatly organized shelf, the key to any successful merchandise display is accessibility. Make it easy for your customers to browse through products and select their right size, so that they can pick the perfect piece.

Opt for clear, effective signage

Many store owners may think that they only need special signage to advertise sales and events—but actually, clear, effective signage can positively impact your merchandise displays all year long! Attractive signage can easily let your customers know where to find specific categories of clothes, or how much a type of clothing costs. And remember to include clear, welcoming signage facing outside of your shop, too! This will help inform potential customers about what you have to offer, so that they will be compelled to stop inside and look around.

Tie items together with a thematic touch

One of the keys in creating effective merchandise displays isn’t how you display one item, but how you bring several together. For example, a display of several different t-shirt types can give shoppers a way to pick something special out for each member of the family—or on the other hand, a table showcasing an entire outfit (from t-shirt and hat to board shorts and shoes) can give customers inspiration on how to piece together their own look and, potentially, purchase more than one item. (For example, displays showcasing beach day essentials or items in the same coastal color are a few fun ideas to try.)

Catch customers’ attention from outside the store

As we mentioned earlier, you also want to design displays that catch customers’ attention from outside the store. Through a process of trial and error, you can move your display around and see how it looks from the outside of your store—and, if you have the designated space for it, create beautiful window displays that are sure to draw visitors in!

Switch things up

Even after you’ve achieved the perfect display, don’t be afraid to switch things up from season to season or year to year. By doing so, you will be able to study the setups that work best for your customer base.

Once you have quality tourist apparel from Worldwide Sportswear, these tips will help you display it (and other gift shop goods!) in exciting, eye-catching ways! We’re here to help make your store more successful than ever before, so browse our services and call us today at 1-888-601-0201 to get started.

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