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5 Ways to Increase Sales in Your Resort Gift Shop
Sun, Jan 03, 2016 at 8:30AM

If you run a resort gift shop, we know you’re constantly looking for new ways to increase sales and get items out the door. With the industry constantly in a state of flux—with new products and consumer interests every year—it can sometimes seem like a challenge to effectively boost sales.

Fortunately, improving sales doesn’t have to be an impossible task. In today’s blog, we are looking at five tried-and-true ways to increase sales in your resort gift shop this year.

Know your customers

One of the key things any retailer should know best is, of course, their customer base. This can be especially important for gift shop retailers—because while they do share similarities, the different types of resorts can differ greatly when it comes to selling products customers will love. What works for a coastal resort may not always work for an attraction-based destination, and that’s okay—what’s important is that each resort gift shop purchases and sells products that those specific customers want and need. You will likely find that your sales increase when you focus on selling desirable products better suited to your specific customer base.

Engage shoppers

The best resort gift shops don’t only sell souvenirs—they engage shoppers in a way that can lead to increased sales.

Virtually every shopper in a resort gift shop is there for the same reason: they’re on vacation, and want to purchase an item (or several) that helps them either commemorate the trip or make it a more enjoyable one. They also want to enjoy a vacation style atmosphere. You can provide them with this atmosphere by engaging with shoppers!

Encourage your employees to chat with customers and find out if they have other needs you or the resort may be able to help with. When your customers’ experience is just as memorable as the ones they have while visiting attractions or enjoying the beach, they are often more likely to spend more of their time and money in your shop.

Promote multiple-item purchases

If you notice guests typically leaving your shop with only one item, there may be room for improvement in how you promote and sell merchandise. Present items in a way that invites shoppers to “bring home the whole set,” or purchase accessories for big-ticket items like cameras so that they feel like they’ve made a smart investment even after they’ve gone home.

Stand out

As a retailer, you know that it can be difficult to differentiate your gift shop from the rest—but when you find ways to do so, it can have a positive impact on your sales. Stand out from similar shops by adopting a distinctive store design and offering a unique assortment of items unique to your resort or destination that shoppers just can’t get anywhere else.

Offer value

Shoppers like to know that they’ve gotten a good deal. Let them know that they have by focusing on the value your items have to offer!

This doesn’t have to mean regularly marking items down so that you always offer the cheapest deal—rather, you can show value in the items you sell by investing in quality displays, offering in-store demonstrations, and more.

Increasing sales in a resort gift shop may seem difficult at first—but by implementing a few of these time-tested strategies in your own store, you should see an improvement in no time at all!

5 Ways to Increase Sales in Your Resort Gift Shop

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