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5 Simple Tips for Your Restaurant Gift Shop
Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 10:05AM

5 Simple Tips for Your Restaurant Gift Shop

If you’re a restaurant owner looking to expand your business, opening an in-house gift shop is a natural next step. With minimal redesigning and lots of creativity, you can achieve a restaurant gift shop your guests will love browsing through after a delicious meal or drinks with friends.

In today’s blog, we will be looking at a few simple ways to make the expansion seamless and rewarding.

Atmosphere is everything

You already know the importance of establishing a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in your restaurant itself—now carry those same ideas and designs into your gift shop! This will create a feeling of unity and make your guest experience even more immersive. If you specialize in seafood and the high seas, for example, bring that marine theme over to your shopping area—and if your restaurant is more western, Mediterranean or modern, you can do the same!

Provide guests with unique finds…

Be sure to provide your guests with unique finds they can only pick up at your store and restaurant. Offer custom apparel with restaurant artwork, for example, or branded mugs, caps and photo frames that can help guests remember their experience with you.

…and gift shop classics, too

Of course, there are some items no gift shop should be without. These include basic gear for enjoying the outdoors (from sunglasses to sunscreen to swimsuits) and items that help to capture your area of operation. And, of course, don’t forget to provide guests with a chance to pick up restaurant gift cards on their way out!

Make your shop accessible

While you of course want your guests to shop and dine with you, it’s worth making your shop accessible to all those who come by. Work with your surroundings to provide an easy-access entrance that lets guests stop in, browse—and perhaps build up an appetite! If your atmosphere is something special, you can be sure that even casual shoppers will come back for lunch or dinner later on. When it comes to restaurants and in-house gift shops, “the more the merrier” is a motto we believe in!

Consider special shop-and-dine deals

Finally, don’t forget the power of turning your guests’ shopping and dining experiences into attractive promotions. Consider offering a percentage off in-store items with a dinner receipt, for example, or treat young diners to one free item under “x” amount of dollars. These deals encourage your guests to spend more time at your store and restaurant, and are great ways to advertise your restaurant to all those who pass by.

We hope that our ideas help you achieve a restaurant gift shop your guests will love! And of course, if we can provide you with apparel and other fun items to stock in your shop, let us know today—we’re happy to help!

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