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10 Must-Have Gifts for Your Resort Gift Shop
Fri, May 13, 2016 at 3:55PM

While you’re busy stocking up on summer souvenirs, don’t forget about the personal gifts and mementos that can bring your gift shop to the next level! We’re sharing 10 must-have gift ideas to keep in store for special gifts throughout the year.

Personalized items

Everyone loves a little something with their name on it. Whether they’re picking items out for themselves or loved ones at home, your customers will love searching for names and picking out just the right piece—whether it’s a shot glass, mug, keychain, etc.

“And the award goes to…”

We’ve all seen those trinkets for “World’s Best Mom” or “Greatest Chef.” These pieces are popular because they’re simple to buy, transport and gift—and they have that feel good quality you can’t beat. You don’t have to stick with the traditional statuette award—see about adding your own flair to this classic idea by putting award titles on themed mugs or other unique figurines exclusive to your area.

Plush gifts

Kids love plush toys! Keep plenty in stock so that they can go home with one they love, or so Mom and Dad can pick one up a souvenir to bring back. These can be plush animals unique to your location (like fish or other coastal wildlife), or something simple like teddy bears and other classics donning area-specific apparel.

A piece of paradise

People often enjoy bringing a literal piece of paradise back home with them. This kind of gift might include seashells, shark teeth or other novel pieces of their vacation experience.

Cards and postcards

Be sure to have plenty of greeting cards and postcards on hand! Your guests will love to find unique, silly and meaningful messages to send home. Cards specific to your resort or location are even better.


You don’t have to be a fine jeweler to send your guests home with wearable gifts they’ll love. Artisanal jewelry with a local flair is a simple gift that gives your customers a small way to wear paradise around their neck, wrist or ankle.


Kitchenware such as mugs, wine glasses, decorative dishes and more always make fantastic gifts. Keep these gifts and more in store to satisfy your customers’ urge to decorate with vacation flair at home.

Sweet treats

Is there a sweet treat or snack unique to your location? See about selling it in your store as a yummy treat guests can only get on vacation.


Storybooks, collectors’ guides and other literary gifts make for simple, special souvenirs. You can count on parents and children alike looking forward to pore over the pages of their new find while at the beach, pool, or on the way home.

We hope that our list helps you find and place inventory that will sell. As always, if we can help you design that perfect item, let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

10 Must-Have Gifts for Your Resort Gift Shop

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